Updated: 30 April 2007 08:56 PM EST
©BCFPI Inc. 2004

BCFPI is distributed to Ontario agencies by Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO), under annual agreements between CMHO, Ontario and BCFPI Inc. The annual agreements terminate on March 31, 2007. For 2006-2007, the software's functioning has included a 60 day extension, to the end of May 2007, to provide extra time for CMHO and Ontario to renew its annual agreement and funding.

When starting BCFPI, software users will receive reminders that their lease is about to or already has expired, but their software will continue functioning to then end of May 2007. Users should continue using their system normally during this period.

CMHO will send an e-mail notice and upgrade instructions to users as soon as the Ontario-CMHO BCFPI agreement has been renewed for 2007-2008 at which point an update will be made available.

Questions regarding this process should be directed to:
Brian O'Hara
(416) 921-2109

April 30, 2007

With the 3.2.24 BCFPI release, the CMHO license has been extended.

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