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Service System Management

Service System Management involves determining how many, of what sorts of cases, are being referred, admitted, discharged, dropping out over any given period. It includes relating this to knowledge of evidence-based interventions for various types of cases, and developing systemic strategies to optimize system efficiency and responsivenes.

This section will house example system management reports and system management position papers, (submitted by BCFPI Inc. staff and the field) and the related system management forum will host discussions about this topic. The position papers will be listed below.



Examples of BCFPI Reports (.pdf) The report 'Examples of BCFPI Reports' is a regional report demonstrating how BCFPI data and reports can be used to support service system management. This report can be run for a single agency; for all/selected programs in an agency, for agencies in a region (this example), or across agencies, for regions, States, Provinces, etc.

This report includes a cost-benefit analysis of the likely impact of high-throughput services for low severity cases which suggests an 8:1 return on investment for such services,

A recent extension to this report is a summary table re exposures to various forms of abuse.

A pending extension will map referral rates and problem types by geographic area (first 3 characters of postal code).

The Software Manual - "Reports About Large Groups of Cases", describes the 9 automated reports basic to this sytem management report.

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