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Triaging / Case Management

Position papers and a
triaging /case management forum can be accessed from here. Triaging frameworks are tending to evolve as follows:
  • Identification of low severity cases suitable for high-throughput, low cost services, together with satisfaction and cost-effectiveness outcomes evaluations of these services.
  • Identification of moderate severity/ complexity cases for suitable for assessment and specific treatments, together with benchmarking evaluations of these treatments.
  • Identification of cases needing and /or likely to benefit from high cost. intensive services ($10,000+ per case). There seem to be many more such cases than can be accommodated by the scarce treatment slots/ desks/ beds. Which severe cases get which intensive service slots; how are the remainder served , and what are the outcomes?

Guidelines and papers will be listed below as received, for discussion on the triaging / case management forum.

Guidelines / Papers


Reviewing Standard Parent Intake report 22 Steps for clinical interpretation of BCFPI Standard Parent reports to support triaging, assessment and service planning. Jun 16, 2004
"Months waiting or Active X Number of Problems" Report to Support Intake Triaging Create a report with a few keystrokes which provides an overview of current waiting and active cases which can be compared with incoming intakes to inform priorizing and triaging decisions. Jun 12, 2004
Triaging Guidelines for Central Intakes Summary guidelines for Central Intakes to support decisions re triaging referrals into 1 or more of 5 typical community service streams. (Developed with Contact Brant, Oct. - Dec. 2004). Dec 20, 2004


How an Agency Selects and then Prioritizes More Severe Referrals An agency selects more severe referrals with pre-screening criteria, then prioritizes using BCFPI scores. Next it modifies about 10% of these BCFPI-based priorities based on further clinical assessment (when there is doubt regarding the BCFPI results). Jun 25, 2004


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