Updated: 23 February 2011 05:36 PM EST
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Version 4 (v4) of the BCFPI Software is available to all Agencies

BCFPI Inc. is recommending that agencies upgrade to the web version, V4, ASAP. 8 locations completed the conversion at the end of 2010.

We now have a video describing the history of BCFPI and its current staffing, purposes and special features.

A business case for making the conversion is available. This involves various aspects of 'best practices', V4's capacity to improve service system capacity, responsiveness and effectiveness, and support improved risk management by agencies (data integrity and security). CMHO will continue to participate and be available to you to provide user support and training, whether you use V3 or V4. Basic use of V4 is very similar to V3 so training requirements are minimal.

There is a marginal cost for Ontario agencies to make this conversion. BCFPI Inc. is making a time-limited discount offer to the initial agencies converting to V4, and to groups of agencies, clinics, schools, etc., using V4 to support integrated community service. Some Ontario agencies have started the conversion process. Please contact if you'd like further details. Tell us you agency name, and estimated annual intake volume, and we'll provide you with an estimate for V4 conversion and use, for single agencies and for groups of collaborating agencies.

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